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AIFI Association of Indian Forging Industry
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The membership of the Association is open to those who manufacture forgings as their major activities.

Benefits of Membership to AIFI

Interaction with Indian Forging Community
Increased business contacts
Access to Association information services and programmes, like workshops, seminars, exhibitions, participation in Tradefairs abroad etc.
Participation in International forging conferences, etc.
For a nominal additional fee you can get listing on the website and thereby acquire international exposure at a nominal cost.

Membership Subscription Rate

Admission Fee: Rs.500/- (One-Time)
Gross Sales Turnover of the company Annual Membership fee
Rs. 0 to Rs 2 Crores Rs. 3,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%
Rs. 2 to Rs 10 Crores Rs. 6,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%
Rs. 10 to Rs 20 Crores Rs. 12,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%
Rs. 20 to Rs 50 Crores Rs. 25,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%
Rs. 50 to Rs 100 Crores Rs. 50,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%
Rs. 100 to Rs 200 Crores Rs. 1,00,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%
More Than Rs 200 Crores Rs. 2,00,000.00 + Service tax @12.36%

Only names of the members are listed free of cost in AIFI website. For an additional annual fee of Rs. 5,000/-, members are entitled to enter complete member profile in AIFI website.